BLACK DECORATIVE WROUGHT IRON DOOR HANDLES High quality wrought iron is used to craft this classic cabinet door pull handle. The strength and sturdiness of our wrought iron pull handle together with rustproof coating are apt for a wide range of applications. A fabulous detail for a modern sleek look or for that Old Colonial charm.FEATURES -Wrought iron door pull handles with black powder coating stays intact for many years - Quick and easy installation process - Includes slotted screws intended for indoor use - Handles consist of good grip - Possess a Rustic Colonial look - Can be used for wide applications MOUNTING HARDWARE INCLUDED The package includes 4 screws complementing the black wrought iron door pull handles. The screws can rust with time. These are carefully wrapped and packed to avoid any scratches during the transition. We recommend using different screws for outdoor applications.SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Renovators Supply Manufacturing offers you great value products for your money and a perfect way to spend wisely. We also provide 60 days guarantee with no fee.
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  • MATERIAL - High quality heavy duty wrought iron is used to craft this classic decorative cabinet door pull handle. The black powder coat finish gives it an antique refined rustic appearance with an extended life. The strength and sturdiness of our wrought iron dresser door pulls together with rust resistant coating are apt for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.
  • SPECIFICATIONS - Material = Wrought Iron, Color = Black, Full length = 6 Inches, Screw Holes = 4
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL DOOR PULLS - These Beautiful Simplistic Antique Reproduction Wrought Iron Pulls compliment and accentuate all kind flush surfaces like doors, window sash pulls, kitchen cabinets or oversized dressers, pantry and drawers doors.
  • MOUNTING HARDWARE INCLUDED - The packaging is done carefully to keep the cabinet pulls safe during the transit period. It includes 4 slotted screws for hassle-free installation. The screws intended for indoor use.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE- Our black powder coat finish is designed to protect the item from rust for many years to come. We provide 100% Satisfaction guarantee for 60 days with our black dresser door pull handles.

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Door Pull Black Wrought Iron 6"