DECORATIVE BLACK WROUGHT IRON CABIN HOOK EYE LATCHES These elegant Cabin Eyelet barn door and cabinet hooks are handcrafted by experts from high quality wrought material. Our exclusive black powder coat finish makes it attractive, extra durable, rust and corrosion resistant - Perfect for both indoors and outdoors! FEATURES - The wrought iron coat hooks with black powder coating stay intact for many years- Cabin eye latch hooks can also be used as child or pet safety locks and door stoppers- Package includes complete complementing mounting hardware for a super easy installation- Classy black eyelet hooks with unique decorative pattern- Two sided hooks - can close to the left or right. - We recommend different screws for outdoor use ANTIQUE LOCKS THAT KEEP YOU SAFE AND PRIVATE Vintage wrought iron eye latch hooks are ideal for your entryway garden area, bedrooms, hallways, closets or office workplace - Best for any environment! SPECIFICATIONS - Color: Black- Material: Wrought iron- Hook Length: 4.5 Inches- Full Latch length: 4.75 Inches- Hook Back-plate length: 1.5 Inches- Screws: 4 SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Renovators Supply Manufacturing offers you great value products for your money and a perfect way to spend wisely. We also provide 60 days guarantee with no fee.
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  • MATERIAL - This outstanding Swivel style cabin eye hook latch is made of strong wrought iron material. Our exclusive black powder coat finish makes it extra durable, rust and corrosion resistant. Decorative black color wrought iron cabinet latch imparts Colonial appearance to your home improvement hardware. This reversible two sided hook can close to the left or right.
  • DIMENSIONS - Hook Length= 4.5 Inches Long, Full Latch length= 4.75 Inches, Hook Backplate Length= 1.5 Inches, Screws =4. We recommend using different screws for outdoor applications.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL HOOKS - This simple and stylish large privacy gate latch is designed to provide security and privacy to every corner of your home. It can also be used as a door stopper for your pets or children. It is ideal for locking sliding doors, barn gates, or closets. And these wind-proof hooks can also be used to control window panels.
  • WIDE APPLICATION - This heavy duty eyelet hook is widely used for Barn Doors, Sheds, Windows, Sliding Doors, Screen doors, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Storage Rooms, Chests, Cabinets, Closets, and Gates etc.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - The package includes complete complementary mounting hardware for an easy installation process. The screws and cabin eye latches can be attached easily to wood or any flat surface. We also provide 60 days guarantee with no fee.

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Black Wrought Iron Cabin Hook Eye Bolt 4.5" Swivel Style Renovators Supply