Door Knocker. Knock, knock! Once a sign of their homeowner's profession, doorknockers now come in a variety of designs and finishes for everyone's style. Step-up your curb appeal and add value to your home with finishing touches like a knocker. Made of 100% black cast iron with our Exclusive rust-resistant RSF powder coat finish make this knocker a knock out! Easy installation, thread bolts through the door for secure mounting. Mounting hardware included. Measures: 7 in. H x 1 5/8 W.
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  • Door Knockers that make a great first impression. Pick out your Door Knockers here today.
  • Iron Door Knocker. Step-up your curb appeal & make your entrance a knockout! 7 H x 1 5/8 W.
  • <b>Weatherproofed</b> Exclusively with RSF baked-on finish
  • <b>Tarnish resistant</b> keeps a luxurious matte finish
  • <b>Maintenance-free hardware</b>
  • <b>100%</b> HEAVY cast iron
  • <b>Functional & graceful</b> let knocking guests be heard!
  • <b>Elegant design</b> adds a personal touch to your home
  • <b>Secure installation</b> thread bolts through door
  • <b>Installs with ease</b> mounting hardware included

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Door Knocker Black Cast Iron Trowel 7" H x 1 5/8" W