ANTIQUE BLACK FLORAL CABINET OR DRAWER CUP BIN PULL HANDLES Give your home furniture hardware a whole trendy fresh feel with these Unique Antique Black Floral Design Cabinet or Drawer Cup Bin Pulls. These sturdy and durable handles are designed out of high quality wrought iron material. Dresser Cup bin pulls are the ideal hardware for all antique vintage style lovers.NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE WITH THE FLORALS Our floral handcrafted wrought Iron hardware pulls will impart an old colonial charm to all of your home office improvement furniture. Add some vintage character to your kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, chest, dresser, vanity, window sashes, cupboard, closet doors or sideboard and bookcases with our unique black floral cup pull handles. Wrought iron bin pulls with black powder coating stays intact for many years. FEATURES - Black rust resistant powder coat finish enhances the look and life of the item.- Consist of two holes and suitable mounting screws for the quick and easy installation process.- Can be mounted easily on a wide range of flush surface applications.- Detailed floral patterns never go out of style for any material. Floral works on black wrought iron pull handles are a unique charm to possess. DIMENSIONS - Width= 3.18 Inches- Height= 1.12 Inches- Projection = 0.65 Inches- Boring = 2.5 Inches- Screw Holes = 2 MOUNTING HARDWARE INCLUDED The package includes free 2 Screws complementing the Classic Black Floral Cabinet or Drawer Cup Bin Pull handles. These are carefully wrapped and packed to avoid any scratches during the transition.
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  • MATERIAL - Give your home furniture a whole new fresh feel with these Antique Black Floral Design Cabinet or Drawer Cup Bin Pulls. These are crafted out of high quality wrought iron material. The black rust resistant powder coated cabinet hardware pulls are sturdy and durable - Lasts three Generations!
  • DIMENSIONS - Width = 3.18 Inches, Height = 1.12 Inches, Projection= 0.65 inches, Boring = 2.5 inches and Screw Holes = 2.
  • MULIFUNCTIONAL BIN PULLS - This black floral wrought iron cabinet cup bin pulls give an aesthetic and antique look to your home. It is perfect for upgrading your bedroom, kitchen or work area furniture by reclaiming them. The handcrafted floral wrought Iron bin cup pulls can be easily mounted on kitchen cabinets, wardrobe drawers or dresser doors.
  • FREE MOUNTING HARDWARE - The package includes complete mounting hardware required to install the drawer cup bin pulls. These are carefully wrapped to avoid scratches in the transit process. It involves an effortless installation process with two complementing screws.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Our Rust Resistant Powder Coat finish is designed to protect the item for many years to come. We provide 100% Satisfaction guarantee for 60 days with no fees with our floral black wrought iron cabinet or drawer cup bin pulls.

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Black Floral Wrought Iron Cabinet or Drawer Cup Bin Pull 3.18" W x 1.12" H