Recessed Lighting Trim made of virtually indestructible high-density urethane. Our spotlight rings are cast from steel molds guaranteeing the highest quality on the market. High-precision steel molds provide a higher quality pattern consistency, design clarity and overall strength and durability. These are lightweight and can easily be installed with no special skills. Unlike plaster or wood, urethane is resistant to cracking, warping or peeling. Our factory-primed spotlight rings are ready for finishing and can enhance any ceiling light fixture. It measures 9 Inch dia. Purchase your Ceiling Medallion here today that will easily add elegance to your entire room. Item 15450
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  • Recessed Lighting Trim or Ceiling Fan Medallion with Urethane 5 in. Inner Dia. x 9 in. Outer Dia.
  • Easily add elegance to your entire room with the best quality Ceiling Medallion here.
  • Resistant to warping, cracking & peeling
  • Ceiling Medallion more durable & more affordable than plaster or wood.
  • Impervious to water & insect damage
  • Comes factory primed & ready for a finish coat
  • Cast from steel molds for maximum durability
  • Reliable pattern, consistant from piece to piece
  • Sharp design clarity even after painting
  • Easy installation with NO special skills required

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Mini Medallion Spot Light Ring White Trim 5 Inch ID x 9 Inch OD