BLACK T- STRAP HEAVY DUTY DOOR HINGES Black T- Strap door hinges crafted out of high quality cast iron material are the preferred choice of all for heavy duty applications. Own this Classic Rustic Powder Coated Cast Iron Heavy Duty T- Strap door hinges to reclaim your doors with a modern yet old colonial charm. STRONG AND DURABLE The tough, strong and sturdy properties of Cast iron make it apt for barn, large cabinets, exterior shed, garage, fence and old farmhouse doors or gates. This black door hardware comes with a rust resistant powder coating finish that is apt for indoor and outdoor use. FEATURESBlack rust resistant powder coat finish enhances the look and life of the item. Flush Tee Hinges can be mounted hassle-free on almost all straight-level Flush surfaces. These are considered one of the most versatile hinges because of its wide range of applications. Consist of Countersink hole pattern that facilitates an easy installation. The solid bearing gives you a silent and smooth experience.DIMENSIONSOverall Width =26.25 Inches Width =25 1/4 Inches Height = 6.02 Inches Length = 2.50 Inches Thickness = .0625 Inches Weight = 1.35 Pounds Screw Holes =10COMPLETE MOUNTING HARDWARE The package includes free 10 Screws complementing the Classic large vintage black iron heavy duty T-Strap door hinges. It is carefully wrapped and packed to avoid any scratches during the transition.
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  • MATERIAL - These Large Black T- Strap heavy duty door hinges made of high quality cast iron are suitable for strong heavy duty applications. These Cast iron hinges are tough, strong and sturdy. Mostly preferred for barn doors, large cabinets or gates, exterior shed doors, garage and farmhouse hardware. This black door hardware comes with a rust resistant powder coating finish that’s apt for indoor and outdoor use.
  • DIMENSIONS - 25 1/4 Inches Length x 6.02 Inches Height, Thickness is .0625 Inches, and includes 10 Screw Holes.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS - Cast iron T- Strap Hinges are strong enough to reclaim heavy duty applications like large barn doors and gates. Its Flush Tee-hinge finish and smooth texture make it compatible with almost all home improvement furniture having a flush or flat surface.
  • FREE MOUNTING HARDWARE - It includes complete mounting hardware required to install this Black T- Strap heavy duty door hinge. The package involves 10 Head Screws for an easy installation process. Its smooth texture with black matt style gives your home furniture a mix of modern and Colonial charm.
  • GUARANTEE - Our exclusive Rust Resistant Powder Coat finish is designed to protect the item for many years to come. We provide 100% 60 days satisfaction guarantee with our Black T- Strap Heavy Duty Door Hinges.

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Tee Strap T-Hinge Large Black For Barn Doors or Large Gates 25 1/4" Length