DECORATIVE BLACK WROUGHT IRON CABINET DOOR HINGES Affordably upgrade or reclaim your home or office furniture like cabinets, wardrobe, chest, Kitchen cupboards and doors using these Flush Mount Hinges. These modern Door Hinges crafted of high quality wrought iron material are suitable for all your home improvement furniture. This wrought iron cabinet hinge from Renovator supply features authentic colonial style and our proprietary RSF finish.FEATURESWrought iron construction lasts longer than the competition Exclusive black rust resistant powder coat finish resists stains and rust Perfect for a wide range of applications like doors or cabinets Includes Slotted Pyramid Head Screws Intended for Indoor Use Easy installation with a smooth open mechanism Flush Mount Hinges can be mounted hassle-free on almost all straight-level Flush surfacesSEPECIFICATIONSMaterial- Wrought Iron Colour- Black Finish- Rust Resistant Powder Coat Length- 3.25 In Height- 4.5 In Screw Holes- 6 FREE MOUNTING HARDWARE Package includes 6 free Slotted Pyramid Head Screws with these modern black iron door and cabinet hinges.100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE These are carefully wrapped to avoid any scratches in the transit process. Renovators Supply Manufacturing offers you great value products for your money and a perfect way to spend wisely. We also provide 60 days guarantee with no fee.
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  • MATERIAL - These Victorian Black Iron Door Hinges are manufactured of superior wrought iron material. These are suitable for different styles of cabinets, wardrobe, chest, Kitchen cupboards and shed doors. Our exclusive rust resistant black powder coating finish makes it apt for indoor and outdoor use and covers it from Weather Elements. The provided screws are intended for indoor use.
  • DIMENSIONS - Total Hinge Width - 3.25 In, Hinge Height - 4.5 In, Screw Holes - 6.
  • DECORATIVE CABINET DOOR HINGES - This classic Victorian style black rustic cabinet door hinges adds an aesthetic charm to all the furniture. Its true Flush finish makes it compatible with almost all home improvement decor furniture having a flush or flat surface.
  • FREE MOUNTING HARDWARE - The package includes free complementing pyramid head screws with this classic modern black iron tee door, cabinet and gate hinges. This can be mounted on a wide range of applications like Kitchen cabinets, chests, wardrobe, wooden doors, outdoor gates, sheds, window, playhouse, animal shelter etc
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Our exclusive black powder coat finish is designed to protect the item for many years to come. We provide 100 % satisfaction guarantee for 60 days with no fee with our Black Wrought Iron Door Hinges.

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Black Cabinet Door Hinge 4.5" L Wrought Iron Rust Resistant Flush Mount Hinges