(13) pieces Purchase today your Carpet Rod that gives a grand look to your staircase. Features: - Tarnish-resistant RSF finish protects these rods from daily wear and tear. - Brackets are polished and lacquered to resist tarnishing. - Carpet rods are decorative and cannot be the sole means to secure your carpet runner safely. - Includes 13 rods, 13 pairs of brackets and screws. - Made of solid brass tubing - It is recommended that stair rods be at least 11/2 in longer than the runner width allowing for 1/4 in. space on either side between the runner and brackets. Dimensions: - these rods are 1/2 in. dia. and are 39 5/8 in. long and can easily be cut with a hacksaw to a needed length. Other Details: Item 12005
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  • Bright Brass Carpet Rods Plain Tubing with Flat End Set Of 13
  • Tarnish-resistant ½ in. rod with RSF protective finish
  • 39 5/8" Length 1/2" Diameter Rods, Easily cut rods to measure
  • Helps keep stairs safe & runners in their place
  • Convenient set of 13 rods & bracket pairs Mounting Screws Included

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Bright Brass Carpet Rods 1/2" Tubing with Brass Brackets 39 5/8" L Set Of 13